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About AbaanaAbout Abaana

Who We Are & What We Do!

The word “Abaana” comes from a language found in the country of Uganda (East Africa) and means “children.”

Abaana is a Bangor (N.I.) based charity set up in 1998 which aims to make a difference and share God’s love with children in Africa.  We have 5 full time staff, and 2 part time staff in Northern Ireland and 8 staff in Uganda together with many volunteers.

Set up in 1998, the charity has raised over £1,500,000 to build schools, provide clean water, medical care, work with street kids and make education available for children in poverty through our child sponsorship scheme.  Through this work over 2,000 children are helped on a daily basis.

The Committee

Chairman Archie McAvoy
Secretary Scott Baxter
Directors Sally Baxter
David Manning
Michael Stafford

Charity Number XR23866
Company Number NI33513

Our vision is to see the children in Africa have their needs met, their rights upheld and their dreams fulfilled through raising awareness and motivating people to give sacrificially so that lives are transformed and the love of God is shown in a practical way. 

If you have any questions about the work of Abaana, please contact us.

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