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Teams on the street

Abaana has sent over 30 teams to Uganda with nearly 400 team members. We send 5 – 6 teams to Uganda each year and all our teams spend 1 week at our Street Reach programme.

The teams do a range of activities with the street kids including games, sports, colouring in, craft, testimonies, bible stories, prayer and counselling.

Stories of Past Team Members:

Davy Allen

At Street Reach often we find boys lying along the side of the banks of the field sleeping or sniffing petrol or glue. We noticed one boy lying under a tree and in considerable pain. After getting his friend to translate for him, we discovered his name was Charles and that he was suffering from severe stomach pains. After further questions it was felt this was more than a bad case of food poisoning and the decision was taken to get Charles to hospital.

On arrival it was discovered that Charles was suffering from Appendicitis and without treatment, within hours, would die from his appendix bursting. We were able to provide the £500 necessary for Charles’ treatment and the operation was a success. Even more amazing was that the following day contact was made with his aunt who agreed to take him in once he left hospital so that he would no longer be on the streets.  Without the work of Abaana, Charles would have died.

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