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Why are children on the streets? | Street Reach Africa
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Why are children on the streets in Africa?

For some kids, their parents have died, usually from AIDS or war. If they have no family to help, they turn to the streets. Others run away from abusive family members; they swap a cruel home for an unruly street. Sadly others are sent away, because their guardians (often an Uncle or Auntie) cannot even afford to look after their own children, never mind their extended family.

Life on the Streets

Life on the street for a child is a daily fight for survival. They have to find food by searching through rubbish tips or by begging on the streets, at roundabouts and at traffic lights, walking from car to car with hands held out in the hope that someone would give some pennies. Some kids find jobs collecting bottles or metal for recycling and carrying heavy loads. These jobs are badly paid so many girls end up selling their bodies. To escape many of the street children get drunk or sniff aviation fuel.

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