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Street Reach began in January 2007 because of the many street kids who live on the streets of Kampala.

There are around 2000 children living on the streets of Kampala, Uganda’s capital. Unicef estimates that there are 32 million children living on the streets in Africa. Children with no home to go to at the end of the day, no bed to lie in and no family to give them love. They rarely own more than the clothes on their back and each day they walk the streets begging or looking for work to survive.

What is Abaana doing?

Abaana works alongside partners to provide support for street kids.

We play games, tell bible stories, give basic medical care, and provide a good meal. This shows the children a love that they haven’t witnessed for years. Our long term goal is to get as many of these children as possible into good homes but until we can do this we want to make sure we provide help and support on the street. We plan to give these children vitamins regularly, take those with medical problems to the hospital, and continue to feed them as long as we have funds.


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